Total media content access and security

ImagePro takes your media assets from where and how they are today to full, secure usefulness for tomorrow and the long-term future. Initially, we assess and audit your assets to help you determine what could and should be done to capture and maintain their value. Then, for film, we wet-scan to digital imaging for optimum ingestion, then provide two levels of clean-up and restoration from “dust-busting” to full high-end digital restoration before delivery for immediate use as well as archival storage. For imaging that is already digital but saved on older tape, LTO or other media, we inspect and build complete reports as to content and condition, then proceed to restore what needs to be touched and migrate to current LTO or HD media for immediate use as well as archival storage.

Our service is comprehensive — from first assessment to final, restored delivery — ensuring the long-term value of your important media assets. We have provided this service reliably to most major entertainment enterprises as well as major museums and corporate/educational archives throughout the United States and overseas.





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